How we have been helping so far.

Bottles 4 Life Inc has been providing free transportation to communities in Mae Sot, Thailand since 2018. 

Over the years we have transported thousands of patients from those still in their mothers wombs to those nearing the sunset of their lives. 

We have provided sanitary napkins to young women to help them get back to the classrooms and the workplaces during their menstrual cycles. Teaching them how to have a healthier more pain free period by controlling their diets, drinking water, and exercising. 

In transporting patients there have been many challenges, such has going through police check points, patients having to spend a day at the clinic, and sometimes a patient being left behind by accident.

Even though we have faced these challenges the patients have been truly appreciative of the services provide by B4L. It has saved them money and has helped them be able to have access to proper healthcare. 

The TC-Delaware Ave

Mobile Clinic

We now have realized it’s time to enter into a new phase of the help we provide here in Mae Sot. We have realized that we can be more effective by starting a mobile clinic.

A mobile clinic will allow us to see patients on site, without needing to take any risk in providing transportation. We can still transport emergency cases when deemed necessary. This also allows more people to be seen by a doctor in remote places.

Patients would no longer need to miss work to have access to proper health care as we now take the care to them on the farms, factories, and other places they work.

This will also provide an opportunity for those in the medical fields who would like to volunteer to come help us in this next phase as we continue the work to provide proper medical access to patients in Mae Sot

The TC-Delaware Ave mobile clinic


Our visiting schedule

Mae Ku

Hau Fi

Peh Si Deng Afternoons

Elephant Mountain

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the TC-Delaware Ave Mobile clinic is in loving memory of 

Terri M. Crumpton

Terri dedicated her life to loving everyone and wanting to help everyone.
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