Save Lives with Popcorn!

“Have you ever wondered about the miracle-working power of popcorn? Imagine? It starts as a tiny, compact kernel with magic stored inside and when under pressure, results in a marvelous explosion and suddenly becomes marvelously desirable. Then, I thought of how this healthy item became a must-grab while spending time with friends and loved ones, be it in a picnic, or even in watching movies. Sure, there’s something nostalgic about it, especially when the screen begins to parade its cinematography while nibbling the soft, crunchy snack.

It is with much pleasure for us to share with you about Kay’s Kettle Corn, a company based in Houston, Texas created by Khadijah “Kay” Polly. Each order is made fresh and customers can choose between kettle corn and movie butter flavor. Also, purchasing a membership subscription to have bags of popcorn shipped at the comfort of one’s home, every month, is made possible.

However,  there’s so much more to this enterprise. Not only does KKC give enjoyment in experiencing amazing popcorn, but also, they, now, help you save lives. By buying a specially marked bag of Bottles 4 Life popcorn you can share in the work that B4L does. B4L is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is helping to achieve the UN’s sustainable development goal number 3 ensuring people of all ages access to proper medical care. B4L achieves this by providing free transportation, educating children and parents, teaching a lifestyle change to a plant-based diet, and fighting the maternal and infant mortality rates in the 10/40 window of the world.

Kay's Kettle Corn + B4L

Get your special edition pack of Kay’s Kettle Corn, and support B4L!